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I have been sitting on this product idea for years now and get gun shy every time I get to actually starting to build it. I convince myself I don’t know what I am doing and end up quitting. I even hired several people to help me build it but, realized I couldn’t answer some basic customer questions. So I took a break to refresh the brain cells and now that I’ve got the itch again.
So I’ve decided to start even smaller, and just see if I can even test and interview a dozen customers then iterate to something customers actually want to use.

But to do that I need to start so I’m going to build my product over the next 12 weeks and document my progress to keep myself going.

I’ve acquired many new technical skills the past few years that should greatly help my ability to finish this project – which I’ll detail in my next post. However, I think the main piece to any project is to keep on grinding because motivation never lasts.

Time to start applying more of what I learned in the Alt MBA and all the other conversations I’ve had these last years.