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#focused Learning how to write consistently is painful we all know this. Anyone that tries to write everyday and publish it even on the smallest of micro blogs finds it embarrassing, unforgiving. Yet, I find it earnest to expose the most raw parts of how I think. Recently, I was reflecting on the book War of Art – and the painful truth that it rams into my head. Writing is hard, and not hard as it is difficult, like lifting weights- really anyone can to put words down on ‘paper’. But rather hard like showing up when it hurts. Hurts, mentally. I think pushing publish everyday is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. Yet, I will continue to do it every single day I am able to. Maybe, I will stop but maybe I won’t because today is that promise to myself, and well anyone that wants to read or listen to what I want to say.
It doesn’t really matter today, but it will matter to me the day I die.