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Learning how to learn with systems
Starting to really think about how I want to learn going into my later end of my 30’s. I’ve found that as I get older and deeper into the world of software engineering, I find that I am forgetting things almost as fast as I am learning them. Recently I started delving into zettelkasten, and spaced repletion related learning styles. However, I’ve always found it so hard to do or at least maintain. I get to the shiny part, then the hard stuff starts, and I just let it slip, just before it starts to pay off. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and can’t remember in the 1st place why I wanted to learn the very thing I’m starting to forget.

Today, I promised myself that I will cross my heart and finally finish my learning system. Written it on the wall, swore to my wife that this year this old man is finally going to stick to growing his learning system.
Systems are good, but they take time and practice, and you need to resist adding too much at once, or it just falls apart. To make my changes, I’m going to document them on this tiny spec of a blog. I know I love shiny new toys, but this time around I just don’t feel like it. I feel like I just need to focus on the simple, the consistency more than anything else.

My tools of choice will be and will evolve –
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