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Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

I woke up this morning and resolved “ to love me”, without condition telling myself this every day even for just a second. After reading Kamal Ravikants, book Love yourself like your life depends. I find that I am always looking outwards for love. A New iPhone, title at work, or complement from my partner. When it comes down to my one and only friend that is there with on the toilet, avoiding doing taxes, or not going to the gym is still here inside my head. So why the f*ck not set up myself up for success. Cheer myself on first, then everyone else because at the end of the day I am are my one true fan.
So I set down this goal today and made it happen. Looked into the mirror and said “I love myself” I will do this every day until that voice stops.
I ask myself every time before I set out a goal. Do I feel uncomfortable? Does it make me feel? Not in a bad way but does that voice inside of me say something; it is rarely positive. I am my biggest critic, always willing to tear myself down without a second thought. I would never ever say these things to my closest friend. So, I’m going to stop talking sh*t to myself, and to do this I need to look myself in the mirror even for a few seconds every day and say the words “I love myself” until it means something.