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My thoughts on being a scrum master/delivery Lead as an engineer.
It is an exciting mixture of pain and pleasure. Organizing the work with your team can feel like telling your kids to clean up their toys. Sometimes, occasionally, once in a while you get a glimpse of the flow you can create for your team that really can unblock pain that is software development with real business problems and releases some great features for the business. It feels like by sometimes asking basic questions, you can get them to refine their work to be done. Of course, there are a bunch of ceremonies, which personally I think is at times way more than what is needed as prescribed by most Agile training programs ( I’ve done several). However, coming from being an engineer for the past several years, it’s helping me develop a different perspective of the development cycle that I may have forgotten about since my business analyst days. It has exposed me to different team dynamics and ways to communicate and amounts too how when you are running your own small side hustle, startup etc. you have to have many hats and just writing software can be at times the most natural part of the problem.