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Launch Academy is tough, and you need to think hard about what you are trying to confirm. If you are working, and want to have, a successful pitch night push your self to finish your damn customer interviews and know the problem.

Finished Launch Academy LEAP program in later 2017,  lead by a sharp & energetic Hussien Hallak. Damn, he is good, but he doesn’t give two shits if you don’t put in the work. Because it’s your business/dream, and if you want to know if it is going to work then it’s up to you how hard you work. As their shirt says “Get Shit Done.”

The program wasn’t pleasant. It was a month and a half going full on. You can expect to cry with frustration, and wonder why anyone would want to start a company or learn this method of starting a company – LEAN. They try to instil a few things

1 Talk to the customer
2 Write it down
3 Update your Lean Canvas – repeat

Once you have done this 50 times – I got 7 done. I chose to do the B2B segment I found this harder than I expected. Learning how to interview customers, and see what their problems are, and resisting the urge to solve their problem right there, or promise them a solution is a skill.

Then, once you have done this interviewing process, go back to your business canvas, update it, again, again, and again. This is tough, and I found very unpleasant. But after a few weeks, I almost started to relax and release. Then we learned about marketing, building (I love coding, so I’ve had to resist), pitching, and tons of other skills. Ryan Supeen, was doing coaching and always willing to bust your “balls” for trying to build something no one asked for. Always coming back to “How did you figure that out?” , or asking you “Are you building it because you find it easier.” So you would go back and see a familiar pattern when you are talking to your potential customers and question did they say that?

I loved this, being torn apart is unpleasant but a fantastic way to grow. Ok not all the time as it can take a lot out of you, but it helped me build a much thicker skin. Now I can observe what is actually happening, and not be leading the customer to the problem which is something I do all too often.

I have a tendency to over think, and piddle away with no next action steps. Sometimes this can help, as you need time to think and ponder, but often it’s stalling.

There are a bunch of people I met in the program, that pushed me almost as much as the instructors. They are amazing, and passionate about trying to change the world as much as I am. Without their feedback, my pitch wouldn’t have been 1/100th as good as it was.

Thanks to Aiste, Phil, Dianna, Chris without your ripping apart my slides I wouldn’t have been any good. Your Feedback was everything I needed.